#SimplyNinetysLife: Let’s LEAP?

I have started the blog for quite some times in different ways, using different channel. Yet still I am finding my own way to reach out more.

When this word “LEAP” come out to me, I instantly felt like I have already LEAP out my steps starting in different ways, however this leap isn’t too constant, that I always fell back and blew it.

This word popped out really on time. Let me think back the reason why I started out my first LEAP. I should have admit that I am a great fan of ZOELLA, I would love to be that girl that could have done different in her own way, can voice out things she like, can make other smile and crack up at her video. Bringing happiness to someone can also bring happiness to your own.

Frankly speaking, I am the kind of girl who loves to stay home, keeps watch dramas, and never get bored. But I really want to paint more different color in my life. I’ve already gone through one-fourth of my life, it’s time to be brave and get a great LEAP, embrace the beauty of life and the world. Maybe I can be the geekchic XD LOL

So here again, next LEAP, I am going to LEAP out my comfort zone. Is there anyone who wanted to have another LEAP in your life? Voice out and maybe we can be a companion in this journey =)






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