#SimplyNinetysLife: Why not make a CONTRAST?


Recently I have been reading a book “The Happiness Project”, I think to myself that I need to write a blog post about this and share some tips (that I learnt from the book, as that is ace!) with you, hoping to help some of you =) . Things that triggered me writing is that I have found that HongKongers seems to fill with stressed nowadays, many depressing news are popping up. Many youngsters, like me, always think that problem won’t stop buggin’, but how can we make a contrast when we have a bad time? I just want to make a little disclaimer that it might not make you feel better, but I truly believe one or two can help, as we are the 90s, we share the similar culture and grow up in the same period together. And these tips works for me ^^

Go to bed earlier and get more sleep.

Force yourself outside your house and get active.

Do the thing that don’t keep you up to a minute and get organized.

Think positively and you will get more energy.

Let’s do a little belated New Year resolution together (never too late)! And make a contrast to our old days 90s!!!! These ideas might seem so obvious, but hold on… I’ll make some tips on my own here, which might get the resolution go easier. We can even keep up with the progress together. READY? GO…….

(P.s. If you are suffering a bad time, just remember it ain’t no thing but a chicken wing ;);) )





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