#SimplyNinetysLife: Can that be my Draft Day Disaster

Have went through a rollercoaster in these few months. It’s hard to share in my own peer. So maybe it’s nice to express myself in here.

Just to give you guys a little background, I’m a 90’s girl, who recently got married (few months ago). Always dreamt of having a happily after ending. And a really surprised news came up – pregnancy ! Oh well, after the first checkup, after we learnt that baby has heartbeat, it’s like the happiest thing in the world, just like an angel came to your world (guess many mother will have the same feeling, right). And just 2 weeks after, second checkup…

The baby stopped her heartbeat, hadn’t grew after the last check. That’s really a DISASTER man! How can that happened to me, that’s the first thing came into my mind. I’ve tried to keep myself healthy, done my best to prepare for my little angel. (these things just happened 2 days before…)

It’s really a heartbreaking news that I’ve ever suffered. But life goes on, DISASTER COME & DISASTER GO. DISASTER GO & HOPE COMES. HOPE COMES & LIFE’s HAPPY. Trust me, if any one who goes through similar disaster or others. As long as you stay strong, your beloved ones are with you, things will get better. Like me, we’re hoping another angel will come to us, perhaps half years later 😉 getting our finger crossed.

Anyone who’s going through disaster, share with me down below what happened and how you get through it =) Let’s stay strong together. (It’s really nice to have a place to express)





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