#SimplyNinetysLife: Breath in, Breath out, and move on =)

Thanks for some of your attention to my last post. Really lucky that I’m a really optimistic person, and I deeply believe that life will move on and positive things will happen in near future. So the best way at the mean time is :


Let’s think of those who suffered from the earthquake these few days, and all the tragic news in the newspaper. And you will find that the disaster you may be going through is just a tiny bit compare to those 🙂

If you have follow my post before, I’ve mentioned about a book – The Happiness Project. Which a tip in there stated, Act more energetic. You are the master of yourself, as well as your brain, so “Act the way I want to feel." is a really important command to you when you are in blue.

Let’s take a little time to make a little prayer for those who went through earthquakes, and others who are in the blue too. Hope for the best, and the best is yet to come.

Share with me if you also have some tips when you are in blue~ Your little words, might help me and someone who might accidentally pass through my blog ;);)



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