#SimplyNinetysBeauty: Affordable Spring Closet.

This would be a post for the fashion haul.

Most of all I will invest my money only in purse or bags, but for clothing, I usually go for affordable items.

I love volume sleeve t-shirt , most of them are extremely soft, really comfortable. And I just love to pair them with skirts, to create a girly romantic looks for the spring and summer. It just looks adorable!

This white lace crop tops I am going to get one of this, it looks really pretty, it pretty much can match anything. You can just wear it with jeans or create layer with your other tops or coats. Super adorable!

For spring and summer coat, you can get a denim shirt for one of your style. It’s super easy to find in every boutique. And it’s super stylish and adorable to go with some bright colour items.

And I’m proudly announce that I’m going to start up a new accessory line, to go with the style I discussed. So stay tuned for more ;);)

(All pics in the post from magazine clips Vivi May 2016)




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