#SimplyNinetysLife: Dealing with Blues? Breakups? Fake it till you make it~

I’ve went throw hard times, you can see my last few post. And I also went throw bad breakup times too. When I am in blue, I hardly can even eat, I have to stuck foods into my stomach. I’ve heard some of my friends said when they breakup, they need to buy sleeping pills to get over with. (trying to share as elder 90’s LOL) Hard time may also take a long year to pass through, especially when you are young, it’s such a long period of them. That’s why I have to make this post.

When you are really in love with someone, and you are getting ready with them, really serious with them, but then they go away. You get really lost and confused.

So if you really breakup with someone, you have to really put them aside. You might can’t really control how you feel, but you can control the feeling of lacking someone, by accepting that and change the environment that will makes you feel a little better. That’s what FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Get rid of the reminders, photos…blahblahblah, set aside first till you get comfortable.

There are always someone better who love you, who you love more in near future. Get your finger cross. You have to stay respect and put the people who pass through your life in memories. Never try to ignore their existence, that doesn’t work, TRUST ME~

A little tips when you are in a relations. When things are not getting really settled yet, (sorry maybe you may not know when it’s called settled, but at least you should have this feeling) make sure you don’t lose your hobbies. When someone decided to leave one day (maybe willingly or unwillingly), you could not control. So make sure you get time with yourself and with your hobbies. Oh keeping yourself pretty is a really nice hobby, get a pamper evening every week, you can get really relax and prettier afterwards.

Remember you have plenty of time to wait, that’s still a slight benefit of being 90’s youngsters XD.

Anyway I’m here for you if you are going through blue and breakups. It’s better to have someone hear from you, especially someone who’s not that familiar with your life 😉 Hope this can help you guys.





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