#SimplyNinetysLife: Locked up? And forever?

Frequently theres a lot of traveling area with a locking wall. Couples often go and locked a lock together, writing wishes up there. For what? Hoping their love will lock securely and ends happily forever.

However in my experience, that doesn’t help anything. It’s just a ritual. But most importantly is your heart. I had locked some lock with ex-boyfriends, but it didn’t make any difference to my heart. However, I had locked a lock in the Seoul N tower with my husband, and I really treasure that key that locked us up. It’s like an unseen lock to me in my heart. That’s what really matter.

So ritual is only ritual, it matter only if it matter to you. Locked up or not? Better locked two of you in your heart ;);)

Okay let me make a little travelling blog for the N Seoul Tower. The best timing to N Seoul Tower definitely would be 2 hours before the sunset. You can start off 2 hours before, ride the cable car, which is really fun (but really crowded if you go in weekends, so choose your day wisely). And then make a little locking ritual with your beloved one, and after that, purchase tickets to get straight up to the top of the tower. It is really stunning up there, you will feel the city like a lego combination. And the time should be nearly sunset, there’s a little stairs for you to sit and enjoy the stunning view. Definitely worth the ticket fare to get up there. And after that you can get back down to grab a dinner, dinner up there is a little expensive, so the restaurant down the tower is much worthy. So remember if you go to Seoul, please spare some shopping times to go to the N Seoul Tower. ;);)





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