#SimplyNinetysBeauty: Not a disappointment ever!

Hello everybody! Today I am going to have a post that I’ve never ever been typed. I know you guys may find a little useful ;);)

Is that I am sharing the accessories that I loved in my new online store – simplyninetysglamour.boutir.com

Check it out~* see if u love it

I have gathered the accessories from all around the world. Would love to get some really cheap but glamour accessories, with a GREAT quality! (I’ve get a sample from each of them, and tried them before I dare to get them up in stock) Never a DISAPPOINTMENT with the really economy accessories XD ECONOMY?! hahah I don’t want to always use the word cheap, as it sounds too negative.

Anyway this post isn’t the post that I would love to advertise my products, but just to share with you guys the work I’ve done recently, and hope that you guys will love it, and get them with a reasonable price.

Let me know how you think ;);)





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