#SimplyNinetysWedding: Something borrowed <3

In the old British, there’s always a word in the bridal tradition, which is : " something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Why’s there exactly this tradition?

Something Old means continuity, it also means the connection between the brides and her family. Many bride’s mom would save her wedding gown for the daughter, and hoping the wedding gown also bring the luck to the bride. This is so sweet, but for Hong Kong, many people would not purchase a wedding gown, because it’s hard to manage for years, closets aren’t that big in town.

Something New means optimism, it also means to hope for the best in the future. Which makes total sense, because a little girl is turning to be a wife of a brand new family. Hope the New things can bring luck.

Something Borrowed means happiness, it also means that you have to borrow something from a lucky and happy married lady, of course that lady should be your family member. I have borrowed something old from a family member too, a little gold ring that she has wore for ages. Hoping to get some luck and happiness from her 😉

Something Blue means purity, in western culture, blue means purity. However in the Chinese culture, blue doesn’t really mean luck. Asian bride who would love to follow the culture can also do so. Like getting blue underwear ;);) , blue shoes (but mostly that couldn’t work for the parents), a little blue hair pin. I have heard many brides said Blue really couldn’t work, in fact you guys can try choose Tiffany Blue. It’s much easier to get pass the parents’ eyes instead of Royal or Navy Blue. LOL

Oh the last bit, a sixpence in the bride’s shoe means a wish for good luck too. That’s the hardest bit if you aren’t in western country LOL. That’s why we always heard others just say  " something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". But if you happen to have a sixpence, and don’t want it to be under your foot, you could stick it on the bottom of your shoe, it worked =)

But anyway, no matter you follow any bridal tradition, it doesn’t really can bring you luck. Stay close and stay strong with your husband, would be the strongest bond in your marriage. Love you all, and wish you all luck ❤






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