#SimplyNinetysBeauty: FANCL SUMMER ~ MASK!!!



如果唔怕貴,其實都可以去一試架 ❤ 我就幾滿意!

Summer’s coming, and it’s time to get whitened! (The always aim of Asian is : to get whiter LOL XD) I’ve bought a set of mask from Fancl, it is really good, so I was so excited to share this with you! Fancl has it’s own box set of whitening products, featuring two whitening essence, a pile of whitening mask, and samples of the sunscreen protection. The exact number for the pile and samples are 18, which is so nice to keep you pretty and glamours. The boxset would look so calm that you would like to put them on your skin to calm your skin problems, and the sunscreen protection is really nice to pop in your bag to go on your travel or top up your makeup on the go. It’s really nice, so remember to go try them out ;);)





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